Algerie Telecom Launches 4G LTE

Algerie Telecom Launches 4G LTE

Over 53,000 km of optical fiber have been deployed in Algeria, said Chairman and CEO of Algerie Telecom (AT), Azouaou Mehmel. As eagerly awaited, this technology allows a broadband connection and a very fast image and sound transmission for Algeria citizens. 4G is a registered in the strategy group working to widespread fiber goals.

Mr. Mehmel recalled that all towns with more than 1,000 inhabitants will be connected to the telephone network with fiber optic media in order to provide broadband and high speed internet. The implementation of the new LTE technology is part of the investment dynamics of Algerie Telecom, to modernize and develop a national network of high-speed dense, efficient and high quality.

He has assured that the implementation of the first phase of deployment of 4G LTE will allow the company staff to manage the engineering and deployment of the new technology process. It will provide an important basis for the preparation of subsequent phases, the aim being to meet the growing demand for broadband and high-speed and consolidate the positioning of Algerie Telecom as a technology leader.

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The Chairman and CEO of AT said on this occasion that the company is continuing its development efforts in the very high speed networks throughout the national territory.

It will take some time for the implementation of this supply to fully operational throughout Algeria. Thus, the introduction of 4G LTE requires the allocation of new frequency bands. These bands are wider and the modulation is further optimized. However the challenges and benefits of 4G LTE beyond simply increasing bandwidth and throughput. It will be necessary to wait to judging what could be a real technological leap.

According to the Algerian news website, Algerie Telecom is preparing to launch two package which will offers up to a maximum download of 5GB and 10GB, respectively sold for 3500 and 5000 dinars per month. This is a more than enough to be able to watch streaming TV channels.

It is mainly the inland regions of the country whose internet connection is much less effective or nonexistent will benefit from the arrival of this 4G LTE. APS recalls in this respect that this technology is intended to serve areas not yet covered by ADSL and secure wired access for business customers. However, the general public will have to wait for the evolution of 4G to enjoy broadband via this network. Individuals should enjoy it in the last six months of 2014.


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