Free Wi-Fi Access at Cape Town Station

Free Wi-Fi Access at Cape Town Station

Starting from next week, passengers at Cape Town Station who loves to surf the Internet can take advantage of the free Wi-Fi offered by Metrorail Western Cape. According to Metrorail Western Cape manager Mthuthuzeli Swartz in an interview with the Cape Times on Tuesday, the free wi-fi was a new addition to their plan to turn around their service. It is said that Metrorail would carry the cost of all equipment and the connection fee.

“We will have wi-fi on Cape Town Station. This will give our commuters some fun to do while they wait for their trains. Together with the wi-fi roll-out we will also launch a mobile app which commuters can use to track where a train is and be up to date with any problems or incidents. The next phase would be to get the wi-fi on board the trains. They (commuters) will then be able to track a train’s performance while on board. So if a train stops in the middle of nowhere we would then be able to know why the train is standing still. The same goes for when a train knocks someone down or there is some sort of incident,” said Mthuthuzeli Swartz.

Two months ago the rail operator received R233-million to effect immediate improvements to the service which had been plagued by train delays, safety problems and decaying infrastructure.


Source: Cape Times



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