Fibre Broadband for 7,000 Households in Zambia

Fibre Broadband for 7,000 Households in Zambia

In Zambia, most safari lodges, which are a key part of the country’s tourism industry, are forced to depend on unreliable satellite internet connectivity, even when they are near metropolitan areas, because there is simply no other option.

However, when the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) called for broadband service providers to ensure all Zambians, regardless of their location, access all forms of information and communication technology to better their lives, the CEC Liquid Telecommunications has acted accordingly, in which the broadband firm was structuring the move to connect 7,000 households in Zambia to fibre optic cable networks to help boost internet penetration in the country.

About $15 million has been invested by the company for the project and is expected to be completed by June next year, which will see most households in the capital Lusaka connected to the fibre broadband network.

According to the company, the investment in the fibre optic expansion is intended to help boost the southern African country’s internet penetration and accessibility.

Broadband services would ease the way of doing business in the country and add value to the economy. There is therefore need for industries to embrace broadband services to complete on a global level to grow their businesses,” said ZICTA acting director general Mulenga Chisanga.