Azerbaijan Oldest Mobile Operator Starts Upgrading The Transmission Network in Preparation for the LTE

Azerbaijan Oldest Mobile Operator Starts Upgrading The Transmission Network in Preparation for the LTE

The oldest mobile operator in Azerbaijan, Bakcell continues to invest in its network to provide its customers the best quality service.

According to the company, in partnership with Huawei, a leading global supplier of solutions in the field of information and communication technologies, the company Bakcell started modernization of the transmission network in order to increase its capacity and move to MPLS-TP technology equipment through a series of Huawei OSN.

Today the capacity of the main ring (core ring) transmitting Bakcell network reaches 40 Gbps (regional centers), while the capacity of edge routers is 15 Gbps (in the administrative district centers). All of the major transmission routes are 1 +1 protection on the level of the chassis and full redundancy. 2G and 3G services are transmitted every second in a safe manner in a transport network using proven protective algorithms, such as APS, MSP, SNCP, etc.

In 2013, Bakcell in collaboration with Huawei plans to deploy about 400 hybrid microwave high power lines and thus will continue to develop its transmission network. This network solution from Huawei will help Bakcell to provide customers with the best quality network and services.

“After the launch of 3G in 2011and bringing the number of 3G base stations to 1,000 units by the end of 2012, data traffic on the Bakcell network increased more than 8 times. Bakcell network is a hybrid network, that is, a set of advanced IP-transport technology and classic TDM / ATM. In order to be able to handle a large volume of traffic 3G IP, as well as providing a high-quality services and high throughput for our customers, we have started to upgrade the network. These new technologies give Bakcell customers a high quality mobile communication and the Internet. All this makes the Bakcell network most advanced in the Azerbaijani market and points out the fact that our network systems are ready for deployment in future technologies such as LTE and LTE Advanced,” said Yigit Berktash the Chief Technology Officer of Bakcell .

Source: Cellular-News
Photo credit: Bakcell



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