5G Internet Speed Set To Ambush Consumers

5G Internet Speed Set To Ambush Consumers

Companies are working towards common technologies to make it both effective cost-wise and tech-wise. 5G becomes important in a world where more gadgets and appliances — from houses and cars to consumer goods — get connected to the internet through the mobile phone.

India, which is stuck in the red-tape quagmire on telecom, is in the throes of a telecom revolution with billionaire Mukesh Ambani rolling up his sleeves to launch 4G services sometime in 2014. A 4G system provides mobile ultra-broadband internet access with USB wireless modems to mobile devices.

Betting on the Indian business , Huawei aims to double revenues to $70 billion by 2017. It has implemented a Total Unit Programme for its Indian staffers whereby senior employees who complete three years will be eligible for equity stakes. The pilot, launched in India in February, covers around 500 employees.

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