Connect Broadband provides free Wi-Fi at Kava Plaza

Connect Broadband provides free Wi-Fi at Kava Plaza

After providing wi-fi internet access at Sector 17′s Plaza, Connect Broadband is now planning to provide restaurants and other public places with the free of cost wi-fi service.

The service which was launch at Kava restaurant, Sector 26 can be accessed by sending an SMS to a number displayed at the respective Wi-Fi hotspot. After which a username and password will be generated for free usage of internet. However, customers needs to login again within an hour if they wish to continue using the service.

The speed of the wi-fi will be around 2-3 Mbps and the bandwidth will be adjusted as per the number of users. This is the first SMS based Wi-Fi service in the region, to be provided by Connect Broadband which was also the first to introduce internet broadband service in the region.

Source: The Indian Express

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