China’s Telcos Still Have Big Questions About 4G

China’s Telcos Still Have Big Questions About 4G

China’s telecoms regulator has recently added a touch of clarity to the confusion surrounding the future technological direction of the country’s mobile market – a touch and nothing more.

After months of speculation on when the Ministry of Industry and Internet Technology (MIIT) would grant 4G licenses to mobile operators, the State Council finally confirmed in mid-July that it would out the keys to this next-generation technology by the end of the year.

That promised to herald a new era for telecommunications in China: The country’s big three mobile operators could pump more than US$11 billion into 4G networks in 2014, giving businesses and consumers the kind of data speeds necessary to compete in a knowledge economy.

But the announcement last month has cleared the view only for market leader China Mobile, which will have 200,000 4G towers and counting on the ground by the time the MIIT gets around to handing out the licenses.

Source: China Economic Review

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