4G LTE In Indonesia Waiting For Decision Of Regulator

4G LTE In Indonesia Waiting For Decision Of Regulator

Super fast mobile networks fourth generation (4G) Long Term Evolution (LTE) in Indonesia is said to have prepared from various aspects. Based on the opinion of analysts, the launch of 4G LTE is only a matter of the decision of the regulator.

Teguh Prasetya telecom observers said Indonesia was ready to optimize 4G LTE network. Teguh describe the readiness of Indonesia in carrying out its 4G LTE network is divided into two, namely market device or devices on the market, and service.

“Viewed from the market devices, some devices in Indonesia already supports the 4G networks. Smartphones and the latest tablet are already provides many frequencies for 4G,” said Teguh told Okezone via telephone on Friday (10/11/2013).

LTE commercialization likely to hit Indonesia year-end
Some 65 million netizens in the country have long been waiting for stable, reliable, and high-speed internet access. Let’s take a look at what three of Indonesia’s biggest operators currently are facing in commercializing LTE (long-term evolution), when more than 210 operators have implemented 4G network offering up to 150Mbps access speed.

Whereas the second aspect of the service, Teguh continue, depending on the telecom operator in Indonesia. According to him, several major operators in Indonesia have been prepared for the 4G LTE connectivity and perform the test phase. “In addition to the operator, are also dependent on the service aspect of regulators. Now, the final decision to stay in the hands of regulators,” Teguh said.

According to Teguh, a lot of the latest smart phones are already providing 4G LTE network at a price that is not so expensive. In terms of any telecommunications carrier rates, at least not too far from the soaring rates of 3G services which already exist today. “Now just bundling rates for the cheapest 3G Rp25 thousand, right? If ever 4G will rise only a few tens of thousand,” Teguh closed.


References: Ramadhan Aditya – Okezone

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