Chinese Scientists Develop Internet Connections Through LED Bulbs + Light-Waves (LiFi)

Chinese Scientists Develop Internet Connections Through LED Bulbs + Light-Waves (LiFi)

A group of chinese scientists from Fudan University, Shanghai have successfully produced internet signals sent exclusively through lightbulbs (LiFi), instead of WiFi. According to the School of Information Science and Technology at Fudan University, researchers modulated Internet signals to a 1watt LED lamp. Under the light, four computers were able to access the Internet. The Li-Fi bulb featuring a microchip generates around 150 mbps, 20 times faster than average broadband connection in China.

The term LiFi was coined by Harald Haas from the University of Edinburgh in the UK and refers to a type of visible light communication technology that delivers a networked, mobile, high-speed communication solution in a similar manner as WiFi. With LiFi cost-effective as well as efficient, netizens should be excited to view 10 sample LiFi kits that will be on display at the China International Industry Fair that will kick off on November 5 in Shanghai.

“As for cell phones, millions of base stations have been established around the world to strengthen the signal but most of the energy is consumed on their cooling systems.The energy utilization rate is only 5 percent,” said Chi Nan, an information technology professor with Shanghai’s Fudan University.

More importantly, according to the scientist, the development of a series of key related pieces of technology, including light communication controls as well as microchip design and manufacturing, is still in an experimental period.

To demonstrate the technology, 10 sample LiFi kits will be put on display at the China International Industry Fair in Shanghai beginning November 5, 2013.



China begins to manufacture LiFi kits: 150Mbps broadband speeds over LED bulbs
Sample LiFi, light-based WiFi, kits have rolled off of production lines in China, promising speeds of up to 150Mbps. Produced for the China International Industry Fair that’s due to take place on November 5, this follows publication of results of LiFi tests carried out at Shanghai’s Fudan University. A one watt LED bulb has provided four computers with an 150Mbps internet connection over LiFi. As well as delivering speeds in excess of the 3Mbps average available in China, it’s hoped that the breakthrough will enable a rapid rollout of faster broadband.


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