Sequans Powers New Huawei 4G Router for UQ Communications in Japan

Sequans Powers New Huawei 4G Router for UQ Communications in Japan

Today, 4G chipmaker Sequans Communications S.A., which supplying LTE and WiMAX chips to original equipment manufacturers and original design manufacturers worldwide, announced that the new HUAWEI Wi-Fi Walker HWD14 features its WiMAX chipset technology. The HUAWEI Wi-Fi Walker HWD14 is the first triple-mode 4G router in the market providing WiMAX, WiMAX 2+, and LTE capabilities in a single device. It will be available to UQ Communications’ (UQC) customers in Japan from October 31.

Sequans’ long-term partnership with Huawei has included collaborations on several 4G devices over the years, first with wireless communications standard WiMAX and then with LTE. UQC is the WiMAX affiliate of leading Japanese mobile operator KDDI, and KDDI customers will also benefit from the availability of enhanced seamless 4G in service areas of UQC through the HUAWEI Wi-Fi Walker HWD14.

“We congratulate UQC on the launch of Huawei’s new Wi-Fi Walker, which will provide advanced broadband capabilities to UQC customers in Japan. The Huawei router is exceptional in its ability to provide seamless 4G service to customers anywhere in UQC or KDDI’s service area,” said Georges Karam, Sequans CEO.


Source: The Wall Street Journal

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