ZTE and China Telecom Set A World Record For Real-Time Terabit Optical Transmission

ZTE and China Telecom Set A World Record For Real-Time Terabit Optical Transmission

ZTE Corporation, a global provider of telecommunications equipment, network solutions and mobile devices listed company, is pleased to announce that the company has set a world record in the optical transmission throughout the terabit, in collaboration with China Telecom Corporation Ltd. Beijing Research Institute.

By deploying a terabit Wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) real-time transmission system based on ZTE’s ZXONE 8700 platform, ZTE and China Telecom have made a transfer of real-time data over a distance of 3200 kilometers driven by G.652 optical fiber without Raman amplification. The transmission has been established for 24 continuous hours, which achieving a world record. The fact that it managed by ZTE and China Telecom test was conducted in real time represents a significant improvement over previous experiments which were all based on offline systems.

ZTE and China Telecom have developed the system of long-distance transmission in the fastest real-time optical transport system, thanks to the advanced Nyquist WDM Terabit PM-QPSK optical modulation and optical coherent detection technologies, combined with ultra-high-speed signal processing and soft-decision forward error correction algorithms, to achieve a spectral efficiency of 4 bits/Hz/s.

This latest technological breakthrough achieved by ZTE further strengthens the company’s global leadership in terabit optical transport systems. With the explosion in the demand for bandwidth worldwide, research on systems for data capable of supporting data transfer over 100 gigabits per second is a growing priority for operators and technology providers globally.

Capacity and spectral efficiency of long-distance transmission are two of the biggest obstacles that must be overcome to successfully deploy the Beyond 100G systems. ZTE‘s leadership in the industry of optical systems to transfer large speed over long distances will allow operators to sustainably increase the bandwidth of their network and reduce total cost of ownership.

In 2012, ZTE and Deutsche Telekom have successfully completed 100G/400G/1T long-haul transmission over 2,450 kilometers, which is a record in long-distance multi-rate mixed transmission. ZTE has successfully deployed more than 50 100G trials and commercial networks globally.

ZTE released a record revenue on its optical networking products in the second quarter of 2013, achieving the fastest rate of growth of the industry in the previous 12 months, according to data from Ovum study. ZTE ranks second in the world ranking of suppliers of optical network to other providers such as Alcatel Lucent. ZTE was also ranked second in market share in the optical transport network product segment.


Source: The Wall Street Journal

Photo Credit: CCS Insight



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