NSN, China Mobile Firm Sign LTE, 5G Research Deal

NSN, China Mobile Firm Sign LTE, 5G Research Deal

Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) and China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI) have signed a deal to conduct research and standardization of advanced mobile broadband technologies in LTE and 5G.

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The first agreement was signed in 2010 and this will be a renewal of an earlier agreement.

NSN and CMRI will enhance joint research, standardization, and prototype development activities in advanced technologies such as 5G, LTE deployment optimization, cloud-based radio access network (C-RAN), the innovative Nanocell concept for next-generation small cell deployments, coexistence of 2G / 4G and core virtualization.

During the past three years, NSN and CMRI supported TD-LTE global market development, defined the Nanocell concept for next-generation small cell deployments, and researched cloud-based RAN extensively.

In Europe, NSN has focused on LTE (long term evolution) technologies to turn its business around and compete more effectively against rivals such as Ericsson and Huawei.

Meanwhile in the U.S., Nokia Solutions and Networks extends its relationship with Sprint through a new contract for the deployment of TDD LTE across its 2.5 GHz spectrum, which will increase its high-speed data capacity as part of Sprint’s large-scale U.S. roll-out. Today, NSN is proving its technology maturity and leadership with a demonstration of 1.3 Gbps downlink thoughput at Sprint’s center in Burlingame, California.

Under the contract, NSN will implement its TDD LTE Radio solution with the latest LTE-Advanced-ready software capabilities and NetAct network management system.

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