Huawei Will Open A Cyber Center In UK

Huawei Will Open A Cyber Center In UK

After the launch of the industry’s first urban rail transportation solution based on enterprise LTE (eLTE) to Zhengzhou Metro, the Chinese telecom equipment maker, Huawei has confirmed the opening of a new research and development center in the UK, as part of the investment of $200 million that the company is committed to carry out in the country.

The announcement came during the meeting of the CEO and founder of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, and the Minister of Finance in the UK, George Osborne, held at the headquarters of the company in Shenzhen.

The new R&D center will be located at the Ipswich research office, which now has about 80 staffers. The center is expected to employ more than 300 senior researchers by 2017.

Total investment in the new center, which will benefit the company’s customers in 140 markets around the world, will be 200 million dollars. The research will focus on optoelectronics, device design and software development, among other fields.

Britain is set to conditionally clear Huawei to run a UK-based cyber security center next week after a review found the center to be safe, according to an article in The Times on Wednesday.

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Huawei, which denies any wrongdoing and maintains its work is secure, opened a technology center in Oxfordshire, in southern England, in 2010 to test the security of its software and hardware, and to ensure that the UK network would not be exposed to outside hacking or spying.


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