KT Develops Five Times Faster LTE Technology

KT Develops Five Times Faster LTE Technology

On December 17th, KT Corporation has unveiled a new technology that enables transmission of data five times faster than existing LTE which has been developed by them.

The new technology is a Carrier Aggregation technology that combines a broad band LTE network and a premium Wi-Fi network. This technology sends data simultaneously through the two networks.

The technology has a data transmission speed of 300-450 Mbps, allowing users to download a movie (700-800MB) within about 15 seconds.The technology can be applied for the Google Android OS-embedded smartphones with versions higher than 4.0Ice Cream Sandwich.

The application of this technology for other devices that are mounted with other operating systems, such as iPhone, will be available later.


Source: Korea IT Times
Photo Credit: mill hill jane



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