1Gbps Broadband Plan For Only S$49.90 in Singapore?

1Gbps Broadband Plan For Only S$49.90 in Singapore?

Singapore’s Internet Service Provider, My Republic has launched a new fibre broadband plan which costs just S$49.90 per month for a download speed of up to 1Gbps. Similar plans from its competitors currently costs S$399 a month, making MyRepublic’s offering a whole lot cheaper. However this is only for the first 10,000 sign-ups from today, and the price for those who come later is yet to be confirmed.

To attract more subscribers, the ISP is also offering S$200 for people to switch over from its competitors. Other goodies that MyRepublic is throwing in includes its Teleport service that lets you watch overseas TV programmes online, as well as a S$100 voucher to buy an Asus router. You’ll have to pay a one-time fee of S$58 for installation and the monthly subscription doesn’t come with a fixed IP address, useful to those who run servers at home.


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