4G LTE For Indonesian By The End Of 2014?

4G LTE For Indonesian By The End Of 2014?

Minister of Communications and Information in Indonesia, Tifatul Sembiring has gestured that the fourth generation mobile networks (4G) with LTE technology-based connectivity will be in Indonesia massively by the end of 2014.

The minister explains that the 4G LTE frequencies in Indonesia is likely to run at 1800MHz and 2.3GHz. The use of 1800MHz frequency can not be separated from the neutral technology ultimately adopted by the Ministry of Communications.

“The implementation of LTE in Indonesia is all depends on the operator, the extent to which they are prepared. While preparing the regulations from the government sides is still under review,” said Tifatul.

He added that this study is devoted for the 1800MHz frequency. Therefore in the frequency band, Tifatul will prioritize it to be reorganized before the rolling out of the 4G LTE coverage in Indonesia.

“The study is still running, and we hope that in the end of 2014 the implementation of the LTE will be done,” he said.

However, Tifatul statement is of course indicated that he did not meet his promise before since the minister from the PKS once stated that the LTE regulations will be issued by the end of 2013.

“Yes, in the end it was postponed due solely to listen to the aspirations of the people who want LTE runs on a frequency of 1800MHz, as indeed there are many advantages,” said Gatot S Dewa Broto, Head of Information and Public Relations Kominfo.

He also pointed out that the presence of a neutral technology basically makes LTE can be implemented at any frequency. Incidentally, the government is choosing the best, which is in the range of 1800MHz and 2.3 GHz.


Written by Dewi Sari
Photo Credit: Ikhlasul Amal



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