4G LTE Market in China: A Golden Opportunity for Korean Companies

4G LTE Market in China: A Golden Opportunity for Korean Companies

The size of the Chinese market connected to the mobile network 4G LTE could be increased more than six this year, according to Strategy Analytics. This crazy growth should therefore be a rare opportunity for Korean companies constrained by a local market increasingly saturated sector.

The analyst firm stipulates that the number of LTE smartphones in China will reach 135 million units in 2014, a giant leap of 547% compared to last year. These smart phones occupying 6% of the Chinese mobile market after the launch of LTE service in the country in the previous month.

According to the study, sales of LTE smartphones this year should increase their share to 36%. These devices could occupy nearly half of the market in 2015 and 80% in 2018. This explosion in demand will translate into golden opportunities for Korean industry giants, namely Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics.

Samsung will soon launch LTE versions of its Galaxy S4 and S4 mini. In addition, the world leader in mobile phones is expected to unveil on February 24 its new flagship, the Galaxy S5, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 in Barcelona, Spain.

LG will also seek to make inroads into the Chinese market with particular phablettes, the G 2 Pro released in Korea last week. The firm predicts this year the global share of 36.2% and 5.9% for Samsung LG or a combined record of over 40% for the two Korean manufacturers.


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