Huawei Confirms ICT As An Engine Of The Next Industrial Revolution Where Broadband Will Play A Key Role

Huawei Confirms ICT As An Engine Of The Next Industrial Revolution Where Broadband Will Play A Key Role

Huawei, a leader in solutions for Information and Communication Technology, stressed the importance of a robust mobile broadband infrastructure to achieve the next industrial revolution. During the opening speech of the Broader Way Forum at Mobile World Congress 2014, Ken Hu, Deputy Chairman and Rotating CEO of Huawei has stated that he is convinced that the future of industrial revolution will be driven by ICT.

“The ICT continues to drive the convergence between the digital and physical world. It is no longer just a tool to improve efficiency, but a facilitator and a catalyst for the transformation of all segments. The traditional sectors such as ICT, education, transport and banking will be revitalized since the use of Internet and ICT have become critical to the development of the business, especially it was now focused on customer care and customer experience like never before,” said Ken Hu.

Ken Hu also showed that the cost of the end-to-end networks is one of the main challenges to be addressed by improving the allocation and use of spectrum, encouraging the sharing of infrastructure and the continued innovation of hardware and software networks.

During the debate on the political spectrum, Ken Hu has finally commented: “It would be useful to have a regulation that the best use of the spectrum, through standardization processes aimed at further reducing costs for operators.”

Meanwhile, during the analysis on the sharing of infrastructure and industrial collaboration, Paul Scanlan, President of Business Consulting Network and Huawei, said: “The new mobility technologies are profoundly changing the way we live and work. ICT is widely cited as a tool for economic development and, therefore, governments and industry leaders are looking for solutions that integrate ICT as a basic skill, as well as a tool for cost reduction and revenue generation. Governments must also see ICT as a key factor in the transformation of the industry.”

More than 180 government officials, regulators and industry experts participated in the Broader Way Forum, with the theme “Enabling the Next Industry Revolution,” to discuss the promotion of greater cooperation in the industrial sectors affected by the broadband.


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