Hathway Launches 50Mbps Broadband in Bangalore, India

Hathway Launches 50Mbps Broadband in Bangalore, India

Hathway, one of the earliest cable and broadband service provider in India, has launched the 50Mbps broadband internet service on its Docsis 3.0 ultra high speed network in Bangalore.

According to the company officials, the Docsis 3.0 is a widely deployed and dominant broadband network technology (capable of delivering speed up to 1Gb) which powers leading broadband markets like the USA, Korea and Europe.

The company officials added that the 50Mbps Docsis 3.0 broadband starts with the monthly price of Rs 733. A complete portfolio of 50Mbps plans is being launched to cater to residential and corporate customers.

The company today also announced the launch of 151 additional Standard Definition (SD) channels and four new High Definition channels (HD) to their existing cable TV distribution network in Bangalore and Mysore.



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