Chongqing Government and China Mobile To Build A 4G Development Model in Western China

Chongqing Government and China Mobile To Build A 4G Development Model in Western China

The 2014 China TD-LTE Industrial Development Seminar was held in Chongqing on Monday. Issues such as promoting the uniform use of TD-LTE, building a mature TD-LTE industrial chain and accelerating the agglomerate development of relevant industries as well as countermeasures to promote the integrated innovation and transformation and upgrading were discussed.

Mayor Huang Qifan said that Chongqing follow the development trend, and actively promote the strategic adjustment of industrial structure, promote the sustained and healthy development of the city’s economy, particularly in the electronic information industry from scratch, rapidly rising, the city has grown into the largest pillar industry. Chongqing in recent years actively introduce major communications, information enterprises to invest in Chongqing, construction, and further promote information technology, and to promote industrialization, urbanization, the use of information technology and modern services to promote the depth of integration.

At the seminar, the Chongqing municipal government and China Mobile signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build TD-LTE application demo base. The China Mobile chairman, Xi Guohua said that China Mobile is willing to cooperate with the Chongqing Government to build a 4G development model in Western China. This model will first be used in smart city and Internet of Vehicles.

There are many industries under the Internet of Things (IOT). Nan’an District has programmed 27 application projects, among which the Internet of Vehicles, with its big market share and extensive development prospect, will be the focus point. They will then develop other industries and projects after having a specific industrial base.

The three industrial parks will hopefully be completed by 2015. At that time, the output value of the IOT will hit 50 billion yuan.


Courtesy of Liu Kan.



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