Huawei Unveils eLTE Broadband Trunking Solution at CCW 2014

Huawei Unveils eLTE Broadband Trunking Solution at CCW 2014

At the recent Critical Communication World (CCW) 2014 event held in Singapore, Huawei has unveiled its enterprise LTE(eLTE) broadband trunking solution, claims to be the first global broadband trunking network which integrates voice trunking, video and data transmission, and multiple-network applications into a single, converged wireless broadband infrastructure. These solutions provides an ideal shared broadband network for multiple enterprises to exercise control and create synergy in managing communications.

During CCW, Huawei has showcased a broad portfolio of eLTE services such as broadband trunking, video surveillance, eLTE quick deployment broadband trunking system, and eLTE interoperation with Huawei’s telepresence system, which has been adopted by various organisations and governments for mission-critical communications in public safety, metro systems, ports and airports.

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“There’s a very good prospect of eLTE adoption not only in the public sector in Singapore, but also the private sector. With Huawei’s eLTE solutions deployed in the government sector, the government will be able to have a better response towards emergency situations. As for private industries such as airports and ports, Huawei’s eLTE solutions will be able to help them to better allocate, distribute and dispatch their resources. We are very confident that Huawei’s eLTE solutions will have a very good opportunity in Singapore’s market. We also believe that Huawei’s eLTE solutions will be able to help Singapore grow into a smart city,” said Zhou Bin, CEO of Huawei Singapore.

Basically, the Huawei’s eLTE solution aims to significantly improve overall control and collaboration efficiency, enabling first responders to protect human life and assets and minimise losses.

Based on 4G mobile broadband, eLTE meets mission-critical requirements through multimedia command and control centers, professional trunking services, and fast response capabilities.

Key features of Huawei’s eLTE technology:

  • Visible command – Voice and video dispatching, full support for broadband trunking, and video surveillance and conferencing through fully converged terminals over a single network
  • High-definition video data – Real-time image upload, data collection, key facility status monitoring, full support for 1080p HD video, and 100 and 50 Mbit/s for DL/UL
  • High performance mobile broadband – Enables high-speed mobile communications (430km/h) and long-distance coverage (100km)
  • Single person “carry-on” backpack solution (eLTE rapid) – Saves time by enabling 10-minute rapid deployment


Photo Credit: Flickr/Huawei Enterprise