Taiwan First 4G Broadband Service by Chunghwa Telecom

Taiwan First 4G Broadband Service by Chunghwa Telecom

On February this year, Chunghwa Telecom has confirmed talks with Taiwan Star Cellular Corp. about the possibility of sharing resources in 4G market in Taiwan.

In a bid to assuage fears over a local telecom’s planned use of China-made 4G stations, the NCC has asked national security agencies vet the plan.

However, in an “Experience 4G” press conference yesterday hosted by Chunghwa Telecom, which has been attended by Chunghwa’s ranking officers and its various partners, including HTC, Samsung and other distributors, network providers, media content providers, etc, the first 4G broadband service in Taiwan has been launched by the Taiwanese telecom giant, which shall include the best bandwidth and frequency advantages.

By boosting the speed and quality of mobile internet at one go, it will be possible to provide consumers with better quality and value-added services, including HD video content, music, GPS, and high-quality cloud-enabled games.

The company provides eight different data plans, ranging from NT$236 (S$9.90) to NT$2,636 in price, in an effort to meet different demands. With the “3G upgrade to 4G” data plan, customers with 4G-compatible phones may upgrade to 4G with a monthly fee of NT$1,336. They only have to change SIM cards by the end of September without having to extend contracts or change phone numbers. Consumers may apply to Chunghwa to upgrade to the 4G service, starting from today.



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