Huawei To Invest US$4 Billion in Fixed Broadband Technology Research

Huawei To Invest US$4 Billion in Fixed Broadband Technology Research

Huawei wants to influence the development of technology for fixed broadband and will invest US$4 billion in R&D in the next three years.

In recent years, Huawei has changed the focus of their investments and fixed broadband – the pipes connecting homes and offices – has positioned itself as a key and strategic investment.

The company said it would investigate basic technologies such as photonics used in fiber optic cables, as well as software-defined networking.

Huawei explained that investing in fixed broadband technology will be important given the rise of high-resolution video technology, which for instance powers 4K television sets as well as commercial big data operations that also consume significant bandwidth.

During this time, broadband has been “overshadowed” by the growth of investment in mobile broadband, which has grown 20% last year due to an increase in its users.

Huawei began as a manufacturer of routers and switches but has taken advantage of the tremendous growth in telecommunications worldwide and is now a global force that has won contracts to build mobile networks worldwide. In 2012 the company managed to overtake Ericsson and became the world’s leading telecoms equipment maker.

Meanwhile in Spain, Telefonica, a leading Spanish provider has chosen Huawei and its end to end Performance Management Solution to manage its Latin-American networks.

Telefonica chose Huawei’s OSS Solution โ€“ which became commercially available in June 2014 โ€“ as part of its OSS simplification strategy in Performance Management.

Huawei’s Performance Management Solution offers one unified approach to manage all network technologies for mobile, fixed and data services; it will provide true multi-vendor, multi-domain, multi-technology end to end performance management capabilities, quick issue resolution with performance-centric trouble shooting, and knowledge sharing via Telco Value Asset across all affiliates of the Telefonica Group in Latin-America.