Tikona Digital Networks Launches 4 Mbps Unlimited Data Plans at 1,499 Rupees

Tikona Digital Networks Launches 4 Mbps Unlimited Data Plans at 1,499 Rupees

Indian Tikona Digital Networks broadband provider has recently publicized that they are going to launch a new tariff broadband plan to its consumers. The corporations introduced an innovative plan that provides unlimited internet usage at the speed range of 4 Mbps. Customers can obtain this great offer at a total amount of 1,449 rupees for each month. This new plan also has the greatest choice of unrestricted free downloads.

The consumer is permitted to download eighty GB content in one month fully based on the FUP (Fair Usage Policy). But, while the consumer surpass eighty GB download, the downloading speed will be disseminated evenly in accordance with the contention ratio. It merely means that the download pace will be disseminated with consumers who are accessible online at that meticulous time.

The disputation ratio of TDN is 1:10. This means that the consumer has to share up the internet speed with 9 other inhabitants accessible online after the Fair Usage Policy is completed. Tikona Digital Network has also arisen into 2 more plans for its costumers. These 2 plans fall down in the sort of minimum usage.

The 1st one will cost up to 849 rupees plus taxes for each month. Underneath this plan, the customers can download 1st five GB data for each month at a speedy rate of 4 Mbps, and post five GB at a speed rate of 1 Mbps. The second plan contains 2Mbps with ten GB Fair Usage Policy posts that will bear an utmost of 512 Kbps inferior speed and it is accessible at 599 rupees for each month.

There is a free bill prepaid plan pioneered that offers forty GB for six months and 125 GB for twelve months. It will proffer 6ps/MB in the one hundred twenty five GB for a one year plan at 7,999 rupees that will include installation and ST charges.

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