Sony Dream: 2 Gbps Fibre-Based Internet Service At Home

Sony Dream: 2 Gbps Fibre-Based Internet Service At Home

The fastest home connectivity in the world is no longer what Google sells in Texas because Sony Japan has announced that its own Internet service provider So-net Entertainment has launched what is thought to be the world’s fastest Internet connection for home use in Japan with download speed of 2 Gbps on average. So-net said its service uses the GPON, or Gigabit-capable Passive Optics Networks, standard, which supports up to 2.488 Gbps downstream.

Sony Japan

Sony launches world’s fastest Internet connection for home use in Japan. photo: Sony Japan.

The lucky residents of Tokyo who will subscribe to the service called Nuro at $51 a month will be able to navigate with a bandwidth of 2 Gbps for download and 1 Gbps for upload. A joy for those who download, those who work, those watching HD content streaming and also those who, in the future will buy a Playstation 4. Sony to launch its new gaming console had promised that would have made the fastest network in the world, and this new fibre broadband connection seems to be the first step to keeping promises. However, customers are required to sign up for a two-year contract and pay 52,500 yen ($539) for the initial installation.

A little as it already does with the fiber provider Fastweb will handle everything from installation to the connection in the network via the Optical Network Unit whose loan will be included in the canon.

Operations of this type were made possible not only by the small Japanese apartments arranged in such a way as to facilitate a fiber link but also by investment and by funds provided by the Japanese government to push the adoption of fiber in homes.

The latest data in fact reveals that over 25% of homes connected, a fact that leads Japan to second place in the world for diffusion of broadband.


Source: Japan Today

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Olivia says:

OMG, blazing fast! I want it NOW! When will the USA catch up to Japan in this area? Only downside seems to be the crazy install price.

Wally says:

I’m really looking forward to Playstation 4! This type of super-sonic internet speed to go along with it will make it even *more amazing*. I think it will be worth the wait!

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