Google Australia Boss Wants NBN Benefits To Flow

Google Australia Boss Wants NBN Benefits To Flow

Google Australia managing director Maile Carnegie has expressed frustration that the broader economic benefits of the national broadband network are not being recognised as the global internet heavyweight has positioned itself behind the high-speed infrastructure project.

Maile Carnegie, who has strong experience in marketing but not technology, took the reins in July and told the Sydney Morning Herald her company wanted to change the way people talked about the nation’s biggest infrastructure project.

“I look at the energy around the NBN. At the moment, it’s focused around cost. I’d love to talk about the benefits and how we can change the rhetoric, from cost to disruption. It feels like we could be on the cusp of renewal but I’m frustrated that we’re not recognising the benefits,” said Maile Carnegie.

Carnegie says she has reached out to Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull and is waiting for everyone to settle into their new roles since the election, before “going down to Canberra to talk to folks”.


NBN stalled in Tasmania: Turnbull

Problems with National Broadband Network (NBN) construction contractor Visionstream means little or no work has been done on construction of the fibre-to-the-premises portion of the NBN in Tasmania in the last two months, according to Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Visionstream, which secured a four-year, AU$300 million contract to complete the fibre network build in Tasmania out to 190,000 premises in March 2012, has been dogged by claims that its sub-contractors working on the NBN in Tasmania have not been paid.

ACCC irons out NBN access terms

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is on the verge of finalising NBN Co’s ”special access undertaking”, which sets out for 27 years the commercial and legal conditions under which telcos access the national broadband network. The undertaking will spell out the terms and prices that NBN Co can impose on telcos that want to access the infrastructure, which will end Telstra’s monopoly. After lobbying from telcos, the commission’s chairman, Rod Sims, asked for greater pricing regulatory oversight over NBN Co, including early review rights over pricing structure.



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