Telstra Tests LTE-Broadcast Technology On A Commercial Network

Telstra Tests LTE-Broadcast Technology On A Commercial Network

Telstra has completed a trial of 4G LTE Broadcast technology, becoming the first telco in the world to accomplish this.

Currently, a user want to watch the broadcast of a soccer match or download the latest digital edition of a newspaper needs to individually access to this data set, which requires the use of a large amount of space in the cell phone network.

LTE Broadcast, or LTE-B, would allow the telco to broadcast one video stream to multiple people at the same time. That approach, which is similar to how TV stations send traditional broadcast video, would be more efficient than the current method in which video is streamed separately to each customer.

The new technology allows multiple users to access the same data through a single data transmission, which would be a relief on traffic in 4G cellular networks, said the acting director of Telstra’s wireless network engineering, Channa Seneviratne to the the Australian Press (AAP).

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Channa Seneviratne post on Telstra blog stating that one of the biggest challenges to mobile network operators across the world is how to manage the ever-growing demand for data. LTE-B can reduce the load on the network for content that many people want at the same time, include a copy of the newspaper, a new OS upgrade or a live feed of a sports contest.

“Traditionally, if 100 people in a mobile network cell area wanted this content, we would send out 100 different streams of data – which uses a lot of network capacity. Through our LTE-Broadcast trial, we have today demonstrated that it’s possible to use one stream of data, to deliver the same content to multiple users,” Seneviratne said.


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