Foxtel Enters Broadband, Telephony Market

Foxtel Enters Broadband, Telephony Market

Foxtel, Australian pay television company, has announced that it will start selling retail broadband and telephone services for the first time next year after signing a commercial deal with one of its parent companies, Telstra.

The company will resell Telstra broadband to subscribers under a wholesale agreement with the telco to offer consumers fixed-line broadband and telephony services nationally on both Telstra’s ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) network and the National Broadband Network.

“This is a transformative event for the Foxtel business. It will enable us to greatly enhance the breadth, quality and value of the services we offer to customers while opening up significant opportunities for growth. International experience demonstrates that triple play and broadband bundles have been hugely popular with consumers and have allowed operators to boost take up of subscription TV services,” said Richard Freudenstein, Foxtel CEO.

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“Broadband and telephony will be a tremendous complement to the traditional Foxtel service, soon to be delivered by our world leading broadcast and IP-enabled iQ3 set top box. These new services will join our continually expanding offering, which includes highly flexible IP products – Foxtel Play, Foxtel Go, and the brand new online and on-demand movie service Presto.” added Mr Freudenstein.

The services are expected to launch in late 2014. Pricing and other terms and conditions will be announced prior to launch.



Source: Foxtel
Photo Credit: Stephen Dyrgas



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