The Impact Of Mobile Broadband On Australia’s Overall Economic Growth

The Impact Of Mobile Broadband On Australia’s Overall Economic Growth

Acma’s new research titled “The economic impacts of mobile broadband on the Australian economy from 2006 to 2013″, has revealed that the ‘connectedness’ of mobile broadband has had a major impact on Australia’s productivity and overall economic growth, which led to a $33.8 billion increase in economic activity (measured in terms of Gross Domestic Product) in 2013—that’s a 2.28 per cent contribution to Australia’s total GDP.

“It’s been reasonably trite to say of late that whether you’re videoconferencing on the go or chatting with friends on the evening commute, mobile broadband helps people everywhere to stay connected. We know that mobile broadband services and technologies enrich our work and private lives on a daily basis, in ways that were unheard of a decade ago. But with this groundbreaking research, we now see the real dollar value of these daily connections—the value of these connections enhanced by a world’s best-practice approach to spectrum management,” said Chris Chapman, Acma chairman.


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