TurkNet Chooses Actelis Networks to Provide Metro Ethernet Services

TurkNet Chooses Actelis Networks to Provide Metro Ethernet Services

Actelis Networks, the leading provider of broadband solutions for high-performance, scalable and cost-effective copper networks, has been selected by TurkNet to provide Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) over copper network infrastructure. TurkNet will use the Actelis ML2300 and ML230 central office aggregation switches, and the ML600 series Ethernet access devices to offer its urban Metro Ethernet services, providing speeds of 100 Mbps to business customers via copper networks. Actelis’ valued partner Elkotek, the leading value added distribution company in Turkey and an experienced integrator, will integrate the solution.

The demand for Carrier Ethernet services is growing rapidly among customers of all sizes, from small and medium enterprises in turn discover the strategic value that is improving communications with suppliers, partners and customers. These customers also require services such as TurkNet Metro Ethernet as they use the cloud to access applications, services and types of economies and IT expertise to a level that was previously available only for large companies. With this growing dependence on network requirements of corporate customers are now well beyond the bandwidth. They also need a quick and easy scalability, and banking on high performance, reliability, efficiency native transport, competitive rates and insurance services level agreements (SLAs, Service Level Agreement).

TurkNet chose Actelis to meet or exceed these expectations companies growing on a geographical scale expansion as Actelis offered the most scalable and efficient solution for the massive densely and profitable deployment of Metro Ethernet services using the EFM over copper solution. Transmission capacity than one layer of Actelis TurkNet offer superior range to more buildings and greater bandwidth for a large number of clients with higher profitability than would be the only one optical fiber.

Cem Çelebiler

“The high performance capabilities of Actelis on layer 1 and layer 2 reinforce TurkNet the major investment for unbundled exchanges that allow them to deploy a more economical way to reach a growing number of business customers with a reliable bandwidth, high performance, and a full range of competitive Metro Ethernet services,” says Cem Çelebiler, CEO of TurkNet.

He added, “The performance, reliability and economic criteria of the solution associated with the close collaboration between Actelis and Elkotek have contributed significantly to the success of TurkNet, and these were key factors in our selection process.”

Providing Ethernet services to business customers located beyond the coverage area of optical fibers is an important source of revenue for service providers. However providing the fast and economical service to these customers is a real challenge. This is especially true in the case of small and medium enterprises. Taken together, they represent a considerable pent-up demand, but at the individual level, they are usually located in office buildings smaller operating in a wide area of distribution at urban scale. This simply does not allow the concentration of demand necessary to justify the installation of optical fiber costs in their buildings. However, the demand of these clients may not be satisfied through economic solutions Ethernet over TDM or standard ADSL. A better solution is required.

“Actelis’ advanced copper transmission technologies helped us turn the existing copper cable plant into a strategic asset and the right solution for TurkNet,” according to Abdullah Safi, executive director of Elkotek. “With Actelis, Elkotek was able to provide TurkNet with a carrier-class broadband solution that could be rolled out much more quickly and cost effectively than with fiber alone. As a result, TurkNet reaches more customers, gets lower initial investment, achieves faster time to market, offers all the bandwidth and performance they need, and has the ability to create highly competitive Metro Ethernet services that yield a far better return on investment.”

The Actelis solution allows TurkNet use fewer pairs than competing EFM over copper solutions. It allows a reduction in CapEx and OpEx by reducing the requirements for central ports and allowing the use of more cost-effective Ethernet access devices. The full capabilities of Actelis Layer 2 features also allows TurkNet to build on streamlined operations and capacity building flexible services to ensure the reliability, performance, high scalability and profitability TurkNet insists on provide to its customers.


Source : Business Wire