ETNO: “Urgent 700 MHz for Mobile Broadband”

ETNO: “Urgent 700 MHz for Mobile Broadband”

The use of frequency bands for mobile broadband applications should be harmonized at European level, and preferably at the global level as well. This is the position expressed by the European Telecommunications Network Operator(ETNO) in its response to the Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) on the strategic challenges facing Europe in addressing the Growing Spectrum Demand for Wireless Broadband.

Daniel Pataki, ETNO Director


“The growing demand for spectrum is a central issue and the solutions will affect the diffusion of mobile broadband services in the coming decades. Simplify and streamline the allocation of spectrum for wireless services contribute to greater harmonization in the network and consumer equipment such as dongles, tablets, cell phones, etc.. This will create greater economies of scale for manufacturers and operators and will help in the creation of the European Digital Single Market, “says Daniel Pataki, ETNO Director.

According to the EU, coordination of the digital dividend could increase the economic impact of the spectrum from one to three billion euro a year.

The ETNO believes that, as a general guiding principle, the identified frequencies for mobile broadband should be harmonized at global level and that national exceptions should be kept to a minimum.

“It is very important to define a channel plan for the 700 MHz band compatible with the plan identified in Asia and already adopted by many Central and South American countries, and so to be able to harmonise it with possible extensions downwards. The development of a long-term strategic policy on the future convergence shall not delay the preparatory work regarding the allocation of the 700 MHz band for the mobile service in the context of WRC-15 agenda”, says says Massimiliano Simoni, Chair of ETNO Spectrum Issues Working Group.

Simoni points out that the ETNO has already had the opportunity to express its point of view on the distribution of certain services that require a lot of bandwidth, such as high definition TV (UHD-TV) and 3D (3D-TV), which according to the ETNO would be more effectively transported from the cable or satellite instead of the UHF band:

“Therefore we agree with the RSPG on the fact that sometimes the mobile and fixed technologies are in competition but in other cases, such as this, they are complementary,” emphasizes Simoni.

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