4G Mobile Network is Very Important for the Economy of Rotterdam

4G Mobile Network is Very Important for the Economy of Rotterdam

Super-fast 4G mobile network of KPN that since yesterday has been utilized in the Rotterdam region, is of great importance for the Rotterdam economy, said Alderman Korrie Louwes yesterday during the launch of the network. KPN board member Joost Farwerck, local MP Korrie Louwes and Captain Ben van Scherpenzeel on behalf of the Port of Rotterdam took place in the ceremony.

4g mobile network

Alderman Korrie Louwes took a symbolic SIM card receipt from the hands of Joost Farwerck, managing director of KPN. Photo credit: KPN

“Innovation and technology are good for the development and for the growth of the city, the harbor and the economy. There is a lot more internet business than we think. The threshold to start their own business have been gradually falling, so more and more people launch an online shop from home or business. It has its benefits for fast Internet access, to serve,” explains Louwes out.

Precisely larger industries, such as the Rotterdam port, will benefit from the new network. “The first question is the port or ship suits and the second what time it can sail,” explains Captain Ben Scherpenzeel out. He added, “If it can be, using a 4G network in the entire port communicated fast and efficiently can be cost oppressive. That makes Rotterdam more interesting again as transhipment.” “It’s also fun for the Dutchman himself. It allows us to speed up our time for uploading or downloading a photos and stream videos.” laughs the alderman.



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