Iberia Offer WiFi on Airplanes from Five Dollars for Every Five Megs

Iberia Offer WiFi on Airplanes from Five Dollars for Every Five Megs

The Spanish airline, Iberia will offer WiFi in 25 of its aircraft in the near future. The company expects only a permit from the State Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in Spain to integrate this service in eight of its new A330 aircraft plus 17 A340 that being reshaping, said the Sales and Customer Director of Iberia, Marco Sansavini when answering questions from reporters after the launch of the new website of the airline.

The routes that are covered by this service have not been detailed, although the airline said it will charge 5 euros (USD $6.5) to download 5 MB, so watching videos on YouTube or viewing photos on Facebook can end up costing quite expensive. Beyond the WiFi to entertain, who sits next to yours can change the travel experience. Iberia decided to implement its new website “social seating” or sitting social system where you can choose your seatmate based on their social networking profile.

The company also said it is working with AENA, the public airport manager, to improve the Internet system of airports. Iberia has decided to bet on new technologies: in addition to a new website , the company has launched a number of programs which let you offer your customers a better travel experience. These applications fall into Iberia store and allow, among other things, buy the ticket from the mobile, get your boarding pass, know the arrivals and departures information, and save the place where the car is parked, with a photo and text or voice note.

Sansavini, stressed that the commitment of the company pursues innovation in the socialization of the trip, while stressed that investment is a “very significant” that has led to six months of work.

This approach was already adopted by KLM and Malaysia Airlines for some time, causing some concerns about the privacy of individuals. Would you use this service for your next trip?


And the next big thing? Try surfing in the air

“We are not surprised about the huge demand for an in-flight WiFi service, because we noticed people are accustomed to keeping in touch with each other wherever they go,” said Bao Yi, general manager, China, at Skyscanner Ltd, a global travel search site that released the survey report.

WiFi Capabilities Aside, Don’t Plan on Skyping From the Sky Anytime Soon

We may be technologically capable of broad in-flight connectivity. The question is whether we want to take advantage of it.

Dish Network, Southwest Airlines partner in free in-flight TV promotion

Dish is also featured in Southwest’s emails, boarding-area multimedia displays, in-flight magazines and talked about by the flight attendants on the WiFi-enabled flights.

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