Manchester and Salford Councils Launch Superfast Broadband Grants

Manchester and Salford Councils Launch Superfast Broadband Grants

With superfast and ultrafast broadband, businesses can simply utilise online back-up services with ease while improving video conferencing and other services by way of faster download and upload speeds.

This is why around £3,000 have been offered to businesses in Salford and Manchester in an effort to help them get access to superfast broadband, in an initiative launched on Thursday.

With the cash pot running out in September, the councils from both cities have urged companies to act fast to take up the grants since the grants will be given out on a first come, first serve, basis.

The grant will meet the costs of receiving a fast broadband connection directly to their business premises, meaning they only have to pay the VAT and monthly subscription cost.

SMEs that can be from any type of company, from self-employed homeworkers to established firms will be eligible for the investment.

Councillor Nigel Murphy, executive member for environment for Manchester City Council, said: “Manchester is determined to become on the world’s leading digital cities by 2020 and that includes helping our small and medium-sized businesses to access superfast and ultrafast broadband.”

Salford City Mayor Ian Stewart added: “The council put in a big effort and bold plans to ensure that the funding came to Salford. With the money in place, we are able to give small and medium sized businesses a genuine boost.”

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