Vodafone Sues Telecom Italia for 1 Billion Euros

Vodafone Sues Telecom Italia for 1 Billion Euros

Vodafone is suing the Italian telecoms company, Telecom Italia, claiming that it abused its dominant position in its home market.

Vodafone Italy claims that Telecom Italia squeezed its ability to effectively compete in the Italian market and caused it “to lose existing and potential customers through predatory activities”.

A Vodafone spokeswoman said in an email on Sunday the civil action in Milan stated that Telecom Italia committed a series of abuses from 2008 to 2013 “with the intention and effect of impeding growth in competition in the Italian fixed-line market”.

Vodafone’s Italian subsidiary is seeking damages of more than 1bn euros ($1.3bn).


BT and Vodafone among telecoms companies passing details to GCHQ

BT, Vodafone Cable, and the American firm Verizon Business – together with four other smaller providers – have given GCHQ secret unlimited access to their network of undersea cables. The cables carry much of the world’s phone calls and internet traffic.


Vodafone to defend ad campaign

Vodafone says it will defend its new advertising campaign after rival Telecom applied for a High Court injunction. The Herald understands Telecom also takes issue with Vodafone calling its cable network in Wellington and Christchurch “ultra-fast broadband”. This network was previously owned by TelstraClear.



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