UPC Ireland Launches Horizon TV Service

UPC Ireland Launches Horizon TV Service

The Horizon TV receiver has been officially launched by UPC Ireland yesterday, offering a bundle that includes HD channels as standard, recording for up to four channels simultaneously and 100 Mbps broadband for €50 per month. Further, UPC says that customers can also upgrade their 100Mbps connection to a premium 150Mbps line, or downgrade to its 50Mbps offer, if needed.

Its main advantage is that it allows viewers to synchronise their television sets with iPads and iPhones, meaning television content can be accessed on Apple tablets and smartphones, while content stored on those devices such as family photographs and videos can be viewed on the television screen.

First look at the new UPC Horizon TV set-top box
The new set-top box comes with a new range of apps, beginning with 27 apps, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Score.ie, Google Maps, Picasa and The Irish Times. Some of the apps, in particular the YouTube app, can perform contextual searches based on the live TV programme the viewer is watching.

Other features of the service include programme suggestions based on users’ viewing habits, the inclusion of 19 HD channels as standard from broadcasters including RTE, TG4, Sky and the BBC, and the availability of 27 Horizon apps at launch including those from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Speaking at the launch, Mark Coan, vice-president sales and marketing of UPC Ireland, said that with the introduction of Horizon it was “taking television to the next level.” The service is designed to offer TV, broadband and phone services in one box, with 100Mb broadband as standard as part of the Horizon Essential Bundle.

Five things to know about UPC’s new Horizon Service

In a nutshell, it’s a new set-top-box that delivers TV, broadband and home phone services in one. It also allows you to watch TV on mobile devices around the house. Here’s a plain-English guide to what it does, what its limitations are and how much it costs.




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