BT Signs £20m Broadband Deal With Nottinghamshire Council

BT Signs £20m Broadband Deal With Nottinghamshire Council

Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire fibre contracts given out to BT, worth just under £20 million.

The majority of homes and businesses in Nottinghamshire will gain access to fibre broadband by March 2016, with some 400,000 premises hooked up by 2014 thanks to previous connectivity investments in the county.

BT’s great broadband scam
This is your money that’s being wasted, yet BT doesn’t think you should know where it’s going. Speaking to the Public Accounts Committee last month, one expert estimated that taxpayers were putting in 77p of every pound going into rural broadband (BT disputes this figure). In Sweden, country of forest and islands, a comparable project had required a maximum of 33% from taxpayers.

Around £9.3 million of the necessary funding will come from BT, £4.5 million from BDUK, £2.5 million from Nottinghamshire County Council, and £3.5 million from Nottinghamshire Borough and District Councils and the European Regional Development Fund.

BT Sport breaks through 1 million customer mark

More than 1 million households have signed up to the new sports channel offered by BT in its first three months, although the majority are existing broadband customers who are taking the service for free. BT Sport, which revealed that it had a total of 833,000 pay-TV customers at the end of June, is aiming to rival BSkyB by airing sports content including Premier League football for the first time.

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