BT’s Dial-Up Internet Service Closes on 1st September

BT’s Dial-Up Internet Service Closes on 1st September

BT has announced that its dial-up internet service will be closed on Sunday 1st September. The telecoms firm reassured existing customers that they would not be worse off and would be able to subscribe either to broadband or switch to PlusNet which still offers ‘narrowband’.

BT fights back in Isle of Wight superfast broadband feud
“The government has stipulated a gap funding model – the provider pays the economically viable cost and public funding covers the remainder. The proposed contract also has a “clawback” clause, so that if the take-up of the service is higher than expected, money will be returned to the council. The council then has the option to invest that money to increase coverage. If take-up is lower than expected, any losses are borne solely by BT.”

A BT spokesman said “This is a legacy product that is only used by a tiny number of customers, most of whom can easily transfer on to broadband for a cheaper price. Our estimate is that only 1,000 of the current customers will be unable to access broadband following the change but they will continue to have dial-up access via PlusNet should they choose to, once again for a cheaper price.” He asserted that “No one is being left without the option of an alternative service”.




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