BT To Create 150 New Jobs in Scotland To Support The Rollout of Fibre Broadband

BT To Create 150 New Jobs in Scotland  To Support The Rollout of Fibre Broadband

Since BT’s Dial-Up Internet Service Closes on 1st September, BT has announced it is creating 150 new engineering jobs in Scotland to support the rollout of fibre broadband.

BT explains challenges of Ross fibre broadband rollout
BT has explained the challenges it has faced in bringing superfast broadband to homes and businesses in Ross-on-Wye. Installing the new fibre optic broadband network has required the digging up of some roads and pavements, although the telecoms giant has looked to reduce disruption to motorists and pedestrians by carrying out work on Sundays wherever possible.

The recruitment comes after the company won contracts to install fibre connections in homes and businesses in the Highlands and Islands and in the rest of Scotland.

The company said 90 posts would be located in the Highlands and Islands, with others in Dundee, Aberdeen, the central belt and south of Scotland.

More on BT fibre broadband:

BT brings fibre broadband to Shaftesbury and Sherborne

Two more Dorset towns have been included in BT’s large-scale national rollout of fibre optic broadband. More than 2,800 homes and businesses in Shaftesbury and Sherborne have already been connected, with this figure set to rise to over 7,800 as local upgrades are completed in the coming weeks.


BT scoops £24.6 million Essex fibre broadband deal

BT has signed a £24.6 million deal with Essex County Council to roll out fibre broadband across the county. The telco will receive yet more government funding via the Broadband Delivery Initiative (BDUK) and will extend existing deployment of fibre to 87 per cent of all premises in the county by summer 2016. The council said this would benefit the county’s 40,000 SMBs – some 8,000 of which are IT-related.

20k Inverness homes to get fibre broadband access

Inverness and nearby Nairn are the first locations in the Highlands and Islands where fibre broadband is being made available. They’ll be joined later this year by Dingwall, Fort William and Oban, and next year by Dunoon, Elgin and Forres, when the eight exchange areas will provide access to high-speed fibre broadband to around 47,400 homes and businesses across the region. All eight exchange areas are being upgraded as part of BT’s £2.5 billion commercial fibre roll-out programme.



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