Virgin Mobile – Worth Looking At

Virgin Mobile – Worth Looking At

Not many know that Virgin Mobile, one of United Kingdom’s leading mobile phone service providers, is also the first in the world to operate on a “Mobile Virtual Network” model. In this model, Virgin does not maintain its own network but has a tie up with other network operators or service providers to use their network. This is probably one of the reasons why the company has more time to invest on special offers and plans that they come up with from time to time.

Virgin mobile provides a range of plans with something on the plate for everyone. Right from the simple “Device Bundled” plans to the “Sim Card Only” plans, there are multiple options a customer can choose from.

Device Bundled Plans

The “Pay Monthly” scheme allows the Customer to choose from a 12 month or a 24 month tariff. The “Starter tariff” starts from as low as £20 a month while the “Premier tariff” starts from £33 a month.  Virgin offers the latest phones at attractive rates for customers along with these tariffs. For instance, the LG Nexus 4 one of the latest mobiles to hit the market is offered at a rate of £31 per month (with the Starter Tariff) while the Nokia Lumia 620 is available for £20. Blackberry phones are offered with unlimited email and Blackberry messenger usage at competitive rates.

Virgin Broadband? Extra Perks

Virgin Media Customers (TV and Broadband Customers) are in for additional benefits. For them most of the plans are offered at special rates. The “Starter Tariff” is available at £15 and they also get “Phone insurance with 24 hour replacement” as part of the plan. To add to this, the “Starter tariff” also includes unlimited calls and unlimited messaging to Virgin mobile users.


Virgin mobile deals also include “Pay As you Go” plans which are offered with devices as low as £20. With this option customers get airtime of at least £10 included when they buy the device. While they start with the Starter Tariff, they can move on to Big Talk plans when they top up. What’s more, Virgin also offers 100 free minutes when you switch over to their network from another UK network.

Sim Card Only Plans

Like we said, there is also something for Customers who are not interested in buying a device but only a Sim Card. Even here, the Customer has an option of choosing either “Pay As you Go” or “Pay Monthly” plans. With the “Pay As you Go” plan the customer has an option of choosing “Big Data and Texts” scheme which is targeted at heavy data users and “Big Talk” scheme for people who prefer conversations. The monthly tariffs start at £12 while for “Virgin Media” customers this is available at as low as £5. In addition to these plans Virgin Mobile also offers attractive Insurance offers with specific deals.

Due to the unique way Virgin operate across a range of network this works in the favour of the customer. Virgin mobile deals can include special offers from the network they are piggy-backing on, which means the potential for constant savings, and special offers all year round.

Phil Turner found a few Virgin Mobile Deals that his daughters loved recently after they had asked him for help in choosing new phones.

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