Irish Consumers Not Happy With Broadband Speeds

Irish Consumers Not Happy With Broadband Speeds

According to a study by, the majority of consumers in Ireland are unhappy with their broadband speeds, and almost a third are unsure of what broadband speeds they actually get at home.

The survey conducted by found that only 48% households in Ireland are satisfied with the broadband speeds they receive. In addition, many Irish consumers didn’t realize if they are receiving the broadband speed that they are paying for.

Ironically, the rate of switching to new suppliers remains relatively low, even though the majority of Irish households have expressed unhappiness with their current broadband speed.

“Broadband speed is now a major factor in Irish households, as online services continue to grow and families want to have fast and easy access to things like shopping, entertainment, banking and gaming online. It is so important that households are actually getting the broadband speed they are paying for and getting value for money.” said Eoin Clarke, head of

Is Ireland living with a great broadband myth
According to Ookla’s household download index, Ireland’s average internet speed ranks 43rd internationally, behind Lithuania, Romania and Bulgaria. The telecoms regulator, Comreg, reported last year that we have 16,000 internet users on dial-up. A third of internet subscriptions are mobile broadband, which is expensive, of variable quality and synonymous with small data caps. Eircom says 6% of the population can’t get a DSL connection. That’s 274,000 people reliant on mobile, satellite, or fixed-wireless services. Even for those who have a DSL service, our patchwork broadband infrastructure means the speeds frequently make the service unusable.

Of those surveyed that have switched suppliers, more than one-third 37% switched more than two years ago. For many households, this means missing out on essential savings to be made from a raft of new broadband offerings recently introduced into the Irish market by a range of broadband suppliers.

The cost and speed of broadband are still the two most crucial factors at work in choosing to switch supplier, with price being the main reason for people who switch suppliers 43% followed by broadband speed 20%.

Availability of data allowances currently accounts for 13% of households’ reasons for switching, with this figure likely to increase in the months ahead as new content-rich services become more available.

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