Google Is Ready To Invest In Italy And Lead The Country In The Digital Economy

Google Is Ready To Invest In Italy And Lead The Country In The Digital Economy

“We decided to make a major investment in Italy and offer our contribution to accompany the “Made in Italy” to conquer the digital economy.” These are the words of Eric Schmidt, chairman of one of the largest and most important companies in the world, Google.

Speaking today in Rome at the Big Tent ‘Made in Italy: the digital challenge’, Schmidt has outlined positive economic outlook for the country, stressing that “Italy, where the economy the internet is just over 2% of GDP, has its unique potential that stems from its tradition. Namely, from what we are accustomed to call abroad Made in Italy. the Italian economic system, in fact, even penalized by a technological backwardness, has all the characteristics to be winning on the Internet: Italy is a brand made ​​products, lifestyle, culture and places, and is recognized and sought after abroad. ”

However, to boost competitiveness and give a boost to the economy, the Italian chairman of Google explained how important the Government’s commitment to ensure fast broadband everywhere. “Without this nothing can happen,” he said. According to Schmidt, it should also focus on training, especially “digital literacy”. It also need to “open up further,” change laws that fossilises the market.

Schmidt then held on to specify that “bring the Italian economy in the digital does not mean altering your economy and abandoning the leading sectors in an attempt to create a new Silicon Valley in Italy, it means rather use the internet as an enabling technology as a tool to analyze markets, to present their product and reach out to potential customers. ”

Basic prerequisites for that , as mentioned, is the promise of executive chairman of Mountain View, “We will invest in Italy to support and enhance the excellence hidden in the country.” The intervention of Schmidt continued: “In a country with 40% of youth unemployment – he said – to find solutions within the reach of the business that will help to grow the turnover of the undertakings , the GDP of the country and at the same time use the talent of the young , it seems unavoidable . That is why, like Google, we decided to make a major investment in Italy and offer our contribution to accompany the made ​​in Italy to conquer the digital economy. We will focus on three areas : to make known the hidden excellence of Italy, spread between the entrepreneur digital skills , enhance young people as promoters in the digital transition of the Italian economy.”

According to the Polytechnic of Milan, the soft approach to digital still costs Italian a billion euro per month. It speaks specifically of the opportunities in terms of internationalization to Italian companies. Another matter to not lose sight of is that of the NRA regulation on copyright: the entry into force of the rule that will govern the protection of authorship of online content, then going to affect (also) on the digital economy , is expected to next February. The draft submitted for public consultation until the end of September , however, has not found the support of trade associations and the debate is open.

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