Free WLAN City Beats LTE in Germany

Free WLAN City Beats LTE in Germany

With a WLAN network covering the entire city and offers residents free browsing, mobile services like LTE disadvantaged to succeed in.

It is the city of Pforzheim which is located in the south-west of Germany, together with the operator Skytron that has built up the network of WLAN nodes so that it covers the entire city. The user only needs to register with a free code of Skytron offers, then they are free to use the WLAN service up to 300 MB per month.

The speed is 300 Mbps, the trail crosses download volume of 300 MB per month lowered either the speed at 100 Mbps, or pay 9 euros for an additional 1 GB, or 20 euros a month for unlimited surfing. Once you have signed up it is fine to move across the city between WLAN points with up to three mobile phones or tablet devices per user.

Skytron takes on the legal and technical aspects of the network, it should not fall on the municipality.

The network has been in operation since September, and in high demand. With a speed of 300 Mbps it is more popular than its LTE with 100 Mbps.

The city has 115,000 citizens and 1,500 people may initially use the network simultaneously, and an additional 700 business users will also be able to connect. In the restaurant industry in the city rejoices one and hope that the free network to attract tourists.

Even those who are critical of the radiation levels have been reassuring, the radiation intensity is 100mW which is one-twentieth as compared to LTE stations.

Photo Credit: Steve Paine



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