Broadband Reached 28 EU Countries

Broadband Reached 28 EU Countries

The high speed satellite broadband is already present throughout Europe with the launch of this service in the Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, under the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE), an initiative of 2020, which calls that the broadband Internet is available throughout the European Union by the end of 2013. The elimination of this gap was announced during a meeting entitled “Broadband for All – Towards the 100% coverage.”

In this event, which took place in the European Parliament, Neelie Kroes, Vice-President and EU Commissioner for Digital Agenda, presented the site produced by association ESOA (the European Satellite Operators Association), with the support of the European Commission to facilitate access to internet services broadband satellite to all EU citizens.

This is not an online business where people can find practical information, such as local network operator, for example.

With regard to satellite technology, has been recognized and included in systems support National Broadband Ireland, Wales, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, among other regions. The newest generation of satellites has a vital role in providing communications for emergency services and authorities in the event of a catastrophe.


Europe launches Broadband For All satellite map: UK scores 100 per cent
Britain scores 100 per cent for satellite broadband coverage, alongside the Netherlands and Belgium and Portugal. Most countries score in the high 90’s with countries like Poland and Slovenia having some way to go. The aim of the map is to promote awareness and takeup of satellite broadband and get those currently unable to benefit from faster fixed line speeds. Neelie Kroes, EU Vice President and Commissioner for the Digital Agenda “The availability of satellite broadband in all EU member states is an essential stepping-stone for making a Connected Continent a reality.”


Photo Credit: Paul Nicholson

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