Vodafone Italy Brings the ADSL 20 Mega, Free For Everyone

Vodafone Italy Brings the ADSL 20 Mega, Free For Everyone

Vodafone Italy has announced that, from today, all customers who subscribing for a new plan of Vodafone ADSL landline can surf up to a maximum speed of 20 Mbps. The service is available free of charge for all ADSL customers who are already activated on Vodafone network, which may require the adjustment of the speed of their line on the dedicated website www.voda.it/20Mega.

The initiative is part of the strategy of Vodafone for the fixed network, which aims to provide its customers with the services and the most advanced technologies to take advantage of their own house on every potential of the Internet and broadband. With speeds up to 20 Mbps, Vodafone customers can indeed enjoy a navigation experience more smoother and immediate, with no additional costs.

All Vodafone deals for home also provide unlimited internet browsing and the Home package, which includes the latest generation wifi router Vodafone Station 2, Safe Network (the first service that protects your Internet browsing directly on the Vodafone network, without the need to install software or perform configurations), an internet key with 1GB of monthly data transfer included to use in mobility, voice services (voice mail, call forwarding and identification) and the APP Vodafone Station 2 to use their smartphone as a cordless of the house.

The Home Pack is in conjunction to all floors and has a Vodafone ADSL activation fee of 3 euro per month for 36 months. The range of price plans from Vodafone for home covers the diverse communication needs of customers:

  • ADSL and telephone Start: with a contribution of 32 euro per month, includes unlimited internet access, calls to all Vodafone landlines and mobile phones at a cost of 19 cents per call.
  • ADSL and telephone Unlimited: Includes unlimited connection, any domestic and international calls to Europe and North America, and all calls to Vodafone mobiles at a cost of 39 euro per month.
  • ADSL and telephone Complete: free and unlimited calls to all landlines in Italy, USA, Canada and Europe, and 1000 minutes to mobile phones of all operators. Also included are 3GB per month browsing through the internet key and dedicated assistance 7 days 7. The monthly cost of the offer is 45 euro.

The high standards of quality of Vodafoneoffer for home were also recently recognized by the German Quality and Finance – independent body specializing in the comparison of financial products and utilities – that Vodafone is the Best ADSL operator in Italy for the level of customer satisfaction.



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