O2 Is The Second Network To Offer LTE Tariffs On PAYG

O2 Is The Second Network To Offer LTE Tariffs On PAYG

Following on from EE’s launch yesterday, O2 now has a PAYG LTE service of its own. The network will be offering standard bundles instead of splitting the calls, texts, and data like EE, but it’s going to try and keep customers around for longer by offering added incentives.

“Pay & Go Go Go” is the name given and the plan is simple. Subscribers will get 500MB of 4G LTE cellular data access, along with 75 inclusive minutes and 500 texts, just for £15. After just three months, however, every aspect of the plan doubles – except the price – meaning that your £15 bags 150 minutes, 1,000 texts, and 1GB of cellular data.

There are 3G offerings available, too, which are slightly lower in price. But 4G LTE access is what subscribes are likely most interested in.


Photo Credit: Sneurgaonkar

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