Virgin Media: 60Mbits/sec The Sweet Spot For Fibre Broadband

Virgin Media: 60Mbits/sec The Sweet Spot For Fibre Broadband

Virgin Media is touting its 60Mbits/sec service as a sweet spot for fast broadband connections, revealing 45% of new broadband customers are signing up for the mid-range packages or faster.

In its third-quarter results, the company said it had signed up 30,000 new broadband customers in the last three months, for a total customer base of 4.3 million.

While 70% of those customers are on at least 30Mbits/sec due to the company trying to move people off slower, legacy contracts, Virgin said it has seen an increased appetite for its faster services among new consumers switching to cable bundles.


Virgin Media Broadband Gains Increase Revenues In Q3

Virgin Media marked its first full quarter under the ownership of Liberty Global by adding 250,000 to its total number of superfast broadband subscribers in the past three months. The company added 30,000 brand new broadband subscribers during the third quarter, and of that number, 45 percent opted to receive speeds of 60Mbps or faster. This means that 3 million, or 69 percent, of the firm’s 4.3 million broadband customers now receive superfast broadband services of 30Mbps or faster. Virgin also added 165,000 new TiVo subscribers during the quarter, with half of new customers opting for the service, with half of its customer base now on TiVo subscriptions. The firm’s Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) also saw pay monthly subscriptions rise by 58,000 to 1.9 million.



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