EE Turned On Its 4G network in Cumbria UK

EE Turned On Its 4G network in Cumbria UK

Rural Cumbria in the North of England is the first countryside area to see 4G connect country folk with no access to fixed line broadband. Mobile operator EE has switches on its 4G network to give an opportunities to over 2,000 residents and businesses have access to superfast broadband connectivity in the rural region.

From 6 December, residents and businesses covered by EE’s 4G network in Cumbria will be able to sign up to a great value 4GEE wireless broadband data plan for their home or office, with a promotional offer of 20GB for just £25 per month. Additional data bundles are available at 2GB for £7.50, 4GB for £10, and 10GB for £15.

However users need a Huawei B953 router with high-gain antennas which designed specifically to suit the needs of rural locations. It delivers a Wi-Fi broadband signal, just like a being connected to a fibre broadband network, EE claimed.

The last 100 square miles of the 2,613 square mile county will be covered by March 2014.

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