O2: Fastest LTE Cell In Germany Has Started Operation

O2: Fastest LTE Cell In Germany Has Started Operation

The network operator O2 has opened in Munich on the rooftop of its headquarters, the fastest LTE radio cell in Germany. This not only provides extremely high data rates but also mobile telephony and Voice over LTE.

With the new radio cell on the rooftop of the O2 Centre in Munich tremendous speeds are possible on mobile. With a maximum of 225 Mbps, the new mast is significantly faster than previously possible with LTE Cat 4 150 Mbps. The key technology behind the jump in speed is LTE carrier aggregation. In this case, the terminal uses two frequencies simultaneously.

In the 2.6 GHz band 150 Mbps are possible at 800 megahertz once again with another 75 Mbps. By bundling now the maximum value of 225 Mbps is achieved. The devices, prototypes of Huawei, use LTE Cat-sixth. This is not about smartphones or tablets, but paperback-sized receivers that are connected to the computer. In the first half of 2014, however, Huawei will be launching its first Cat-6 devices.

One of the great construction of LTE is still the handover to the older 2G and 3G networks, as one moves from one cell to another. When phoning about VoLTE, without breaking the smooth handover from the call when the LTE cell is left. This should be possible in December, but only with a corresponding terminal and activated users. Back in February, O2 had introduced this technology now the real business begins.


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