Calvo Sotelo Highlights The “Opportunity” Offered By The Big Data On Economic Development And Job Creation in Spain

Calvo Sotelo Highlights The “Opportunity” Offered By The Big Data On Economic Development And Job Creation in Spain

The Secretary of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society (SETSI), Victor Calvo Sotelo, stressed on Thursday the “great opportunities” offered by the digital data in the development of the economy and job creation and noted that the Spanish Government intends to “take advantage” of these benefits, as it is a “train that can not lose.”

“This is one of the great opportunities for the development of society and to create jobs. This government intends to leverage the benefits of ICT provided to all and so we launched the Spanish Digital Agenda, which serves, among other things, in order to the benefits of the Big Data to reach everyone, “said Calvo Sotelo at a ceremony held at the Embassy of Sweden.

Calvo Sotelo pointed out that in the new digital society and business citizens are increasingly connected and, therefore, at present, data management has become an industry in itself and the basis for competitiveness.

In this sense, the head of Telecommunications, Ministry of Industry in Spain recalled that 52% of citizens have broadband access to 100 megabytes, while 99% of the population has mobile coverage of third generation (3G ).

However, Calvo Sotelo pointed out that long way to go because, among the objectives of the Digital Agenda is to get every person having an access to Internet services with speeds above 30 megs and that 50% of households are subscribers to connections capable of delivering speeds above 100 megs.

To achieve these results, the Ministry of Industry has launched Spanish Digital Agenda, which aligned with the EU, aims to promote telecommunications and ultra-fast networks, promote ICT in SMEs and electronic commerce; support the internationalization of technology companies , improving confidence in the digital realm, develop and innovate the ICT sector and to achieve greater digital inclusion and employability.

Calvo Sotelo has emphasized that some of the initiatives to be put in place in this area in the coming years will have to develop from Europe. “In this Europe, the Nordic countries are a benchmark for innovation and development of freedom,” stated the Secretary of State for Telecommunications.

In this regard, Ambassador of Sweden, Cecilia Julin, who are responsible for the opening of the event, has underlined that the Internet has revolutionized the world in a few years. “This is a free information flow and secure. To the Government of Sweden, the freedom in the network is a priority,” he reiterated.



Source: Europa Press
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